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PMWC 2018 conference – New Technology Presented

At  PMWC 2018 conference Dr. Yoram Devary presented ISK new technology dealing with “personalized ImmunoOncology therapy” 

04 Feb|

New Article Published: Nerofe Phase I trial summary

The Phase I Nerofe (dTCApFs) human trial summary has been published in the Molecular and Clinical Oncology Journal.

In this trial Nerofe was found to be safe and well‑tolerated, and potentially efficacious as an anti-cancer agent.

11 Dec|

Successful completion of Phase I Nerofe Trial on Solid tumors

Successful completion of Phase I Nerofe Trial on Solid tumors

21 Nov|

Nerofe Pre-clinical Paper Published in Molecular and Clinical Oncology Journal

Link To Article

21 Oct|

Nerofe’s Triple Action

Nerofe causes ER stress to different type of cells
In Vitro assays have shown that Nerofe causes ER stress to cancer and endothelial cells, thus leading to cancer cell death and depletion of angiogenesis factors from serum, as seen in Phase Ia results. Because Immune cells express ST2 (Nerofe’s receptor), it is hypothesized

01 Nov|

Breakthrough – Cancer Immunotherapy Effects of Nerofe

NerofeTM stimulates cancer cells attraction to APC and T cells and thereby inducing the death of cancer cells.

Recent FACS results have shown a significant increase in CD86 expressing cells in three types of malignant cells treated with NerofeTM.

CD86 is expressed by antigen-presenting cells, and it is the ligand for two proteins at the cell surface of T cells,

17 Sep|