The worldwide oncology market is predicted to continue growing faster than the rest of the industry, with an expected increase in turnover of around 8% [CAGR from 2010- 2015] and forecasted sales of about $110 Billion in 2014 (combined with the supportive care segment) It is estimated that today there are more than 32.6 million people living with cancer worldwide, and more than 585,000 people will die from cancer in the US in 2015.

The positive market dynamics reinforce and support the attractiveness of the oncology field, a sector that continues to show considerable potential in comparison to other therapeutic areas.

Our phase I started at 2ndQ 2013, the patient’s population comprised of oncology patients with progressive disease, and finished dose escalation stage at 4thQ 2014.

We are now moving to phase IIa. Following phase IIb we would like to get approval for accelerated procedure by FDA for treatment of AML.

Following the submission of the IND/EMA equivalent, for the commercial assessment evaluation, we plan that Nerofe will be developed and positioned as:

Maintenance therapy at all ages following CR induced by induction/ consolidation therapy vs placebo and 1st / 2nd line treatment add-on therapy versus doctor’s choice in AML patients of any age (presumably 1st line >60 and 2nd line pretreated <60).

The company has several other peptides, all derivatives of natural human proteins, which it intends to develop. At least one of them has very interesting anti-cancer properties while another one has the ability to regenerate several types of white blood cells and could be developed as supportive care following chemothrerapy or radiotherapy.