Tumor growth is inhibition

Target lesion volume change following treatment

Anti-angiogenic effect

Nerofe administration was associated with orders of magnitude decreases in plasma levels of Angiopoeitin-1, PDGF AA, TGF-β1 and VEGF in all patients in cohorts 3 and 4. This effect wasn’t observed to the same extent on the lower treatment dosage, suggesting a Nerofe dosage dependent induction of anti-angiogenesis.

Angiogensis factors drop during treatment

Anti-proliferative effect

In 3 patients with elevated serum EGF levels, levels decreased to normal values (Remaining patients entered trial with normal EGF levels)


Immuno-modulatory effect

In Cohorts 3 and 4 major pro-inflammatory cytokines serum levels increased significantly, an effect not seen in the lower treatment dosages, suggesting a Nerofe dosage dependent induction of immune system response to the tumor.


Selective biomarker for efficacy

Patients whose tumor was positively stained for T1/ST2 receptor stayed in trial with SD significantly longer than patients who had a tumor that was negatively stained.