Nerofe reduces kras and transform the tumor to immune stimulatory tumor

KRAS mutation (mtKRAS) is one of the most common oncogenic drivers. mtKRAS is prevalent in 95% of pancreatic cancer, 45% of mCRC and 25% of lung cancer patients.
As there are no targeted therapies for mtKRAS patients, the majority of cases are typically treated with cytotoxic chemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy or immunotherapy alone.

Nerofe can down regulate mtKRAS expression in human pancreatic cancer tumors, human mCRC tumors and human NSCLC.
Nerofe binds to soluble ST2 (an immune checkpoint) and downregulates its expression. With a combined low dose of Doxorubicin (ldDOX) treatment, the tumor starts to secrete immune stimulatory cytokines, and the microenvironment of the tumor is altered: M2 macrophages disappear and M1 macrophages, NK cells and CD8 penetrate the microenvironment.
This transforms mtKRAS tumors from immune-suppressive tumors to immune stimulatory tumors.