ISK was founded in 2005 by Prof. Uziel Sandler and Dr. Yoram Devary.

ISK is a privately held company, engaged in discovery and development of innovative treatments for malignant and autoimmune diseases with strong unmet needs. Its assets are based on novel human secreted peptides, which were discovered by the founders.

ISK’s lead compound is NerofeTM. NerofeTM was granted by the FDA with orphan drug status for AML treatment.

ISK has finished phase I dose escalation stage with NerofeTM with great success. We have discovered novel MOA through which Nerofe acts against tumors in human body. The company is now in phase IIa. ISK Ltd is heavily supported by the Israeli chief scientist , the company was granted by 4 consecutive grants from the Israeli chief scientist for total sum of 2.5M USD. ISK Ltd was selected, out of 800 biomed companies to represent the state of Israel in 5 International BIOMED conferences at the US.



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